Sophie is of English/Italian heritage and a bloodline descendent of Gjergj Kastrioti “Skanderbeg”, Lord of Albania through her mothers ArbΓ«reshΓ« line. This link is proven by a marriage between Giuseppa Castriota Scanderbeg and Vincenco Bernardini of Lecce, her 7th generation grandparents.
Sophie has been involved in music since an early age taking up the violin at 4 years old. She quickly progressed under “Russian School” teachers and became one of the youngest members of the Queensland Youth Orchestra at the age of 11. During this time she was mentored by the late John Curro AM MBE, founder of the Queensland Youth Orchestras and Nigel Kennedy.
In 2012 she performed at the Melbourne Albanian Independence celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Independence.
In 2016 she performed at the Hardhfest Festival in Rahovec, Kosovo.
Since 2018 she has acted as an ambassador for Stonecastle Vineyards & Winery promoting a Vranac wine dedicated to her ancestor Gjergj Kastrioti. The wine bottles have her signature on the neck of every bottle and label.
In 2017 she began seriously writing music and developing music production skills concentrating on studio tracks and working collaborations with fellow artists in Australia, Europe and the US. In 2019 she released her first self produced track “Gone For The Night” followed by her latest release β€œWhipped”.
Sophie is set to be releasing new music in early 2020.